About Angela Craciun

A native Romanian, Angela Craciun has established herself as an admired international figure in the field of mineralogy and demonstrated her formidable talents in a dazzling variety of other disciplines. In 2004, Angela Craciun created the World Mineralogy Organization; the same year, the group hosted the Ball des Diamants at the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco in collaboration with UNESCO. For her many successes within the geosciences, Angela Craciun has been selected for membership in the Academy of Natural Sciences of the Russian Federation, the Canadian Mineralogical Association, the International Society for Rock Mechanics, and many other prestigious groups worldwide. In addition, Angela Craciun’s distinguished professional background spans the commercial, import and export, and media and communications industries. Angela Craciun has overseen the launch of Romania’s Indigo Magazine, operated a prominent European dairy (Eurolat), and served as the Director of Public Diplomacy for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Romania. In 2002, Angela Craciun received the Star of Romania for her “contribution to the durable development of Romania.” Angela Craciun’s many other honors include two Gold Medals for scientific innovation at the International Exhibition of Inventions in Bucharest. The bearer of a doctorate from the Technical University of Petrosani, Angela Craciun has completed traineeships in Russia and studied commerce in Japan with international corporations like Shiseido Cosmetics. In addition, Angela Craciun has studied business management in the Faculty of Studies on European Economic Integration at the Romanian-American University and enterprise appraisal at the National Agency for Privatization in Bucharest. In addition to her diverse professional activities, Angela Craciun complements her personal interests with various memberships. Angela Craciun belongs to the Club Allemand de la Principaute de Monaco, the Monte-Carlo Country Club, and the Automobile Club of Monaco. Angela Craciun lives in the Val de Loire in France, where she participates in the Mouvement des Associations pour la Protection et la Promotion du Patrimonie de la Loire. Angela Craciun has devised plans to develop an international cultural center on her property—yet another of her remarkable contributions to world affairs.


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